Tuesday, August 07, 2001

One day, in my 1993 Interlaken Library, i found a book in the "133.3 psychic section" just about the only book IN that section; after all this library filled one room in a converted house! A good library in a town of 600 people.
the book was called..."Dundee Dreaming".
written by a lady who was a reporter for the Dundee, ny, town paper for years, around the 70s. she ALSO attended the "Seth Speaks" classes in Elmira. Dundee, ny, is a town of about 3000 people, about 90 miles from Interlaken. that is why this book was here, perhaps.
she had a column in the paper for years..."Dundee Dreaming" . she would ask the residents of Dundee to send in their accounts of their dreams, especially the "psychic" ones!

I recall two amazing accounts from this here book, accounts that should make you very very Humble, as it did for me!
one....there was an accident where one of the "home town founding father's" sons had died in a sailing accident on Seneca lake. he was the son of this "pillar of the community" family, of Dundee.
Now what struck me as amazing, here, was that this lady had, weeks and months before, over ONE HUNDRED dreams foretelling his death, in symbolic code! over one hundred people had clairvoyant previews of this accident-to-come!! months and weeks ahead of it!
from this:.....
----we are all interconnected, we all help each other to be born and we all help each other to get ready to die. like: there were three or five of us in the family that had dreams for about four years to help my father get ready to die! I mean dreams of actually visiting him in Spirit in out-of-body experiences to Counsel and console him.
-----there are some events that are set up before we are born and thus everyone knows in advance the "Play lines", in the script of such a life with "fated" events!

now the other event of this book was from her own personal life...
she was getting over a Bad Divorce[ don't we all these days?!] and she came back to her family farm, way out in the country from Dundee, one day, to meditate upon her new found freedoms. she visited the old carrage house, now empty, and being restored. she went to her old childhood haunt, in the house; the attic. she spent a lot of her childhood there, she loved to look out of the nine-paned old window, upon the family garden and the mountains.
when she climbed the stairs she noted with surprise that the restorers had replaced the nine panes with four panes, but of course she had not been in the house for years. when she went over to the window, though, she was shocked to discover that the putty around these panes looked OLD!
---as if these panes were always there!
no!! she knew very very well that there were nine panes, after all she spent over TEN years of her childhood there, it was her "soul refuge"...she would KNOW the number of the panes!

she became near-hystarical when she asked her old uncle who was living there..."oh, the window?
It has been left untouched by the restorers, it always has had four panes in it, even from the very first of the building in 1880!".
she ran to an old photo album. yes there was an old photo of the carrage house, from about 1890, long long before she was born and YES....there were four panes!!

she had to accept, that her great freedom from that TERRIBLE relationship, gave to her a "wider vantageview
upon the world", now. [four panes make more of a viewing area, in the window!]....four panes symbolized that freedom.
thus the window changed to reflect her inner reality, and changed in every physical object too, like in old photos and tax roll descriptions and Insurance writups!
backdated...this change!
and...everyone who ever knew this window would now have their "files updated" in their memory too!

but is WAS nine panes! she Knew that.
absolutely, i belive her!

here, the inner and outer are not only interconnected: the outer reality can be changed utterly by a change in the inner!

I will let this account speak for itself, as the Implications of this...AND the "hundred people precognitating
the death of the Son of Dundee"...are AWESOME, utterly Incredible!

Ponder these.........