Saturday, August 25, 2001

oh NO!

not another dream?
yes yet another dream, saying the same thing over and over, in yet another way!

the Mechanics of this dream-thing i find very interesting. ordinary, worldly pscychology says that dreams reflect the ongoing events of the day before, as the brain processess that days input. this is added to all the life complexes and the result is that dream.
Thus what one dwells upon and thinks upon brings up that nights dream and if that dream is "scary" and you think about it all day long, that night in turn will of course bring up yet again a variation of the material, justifying the Thought and spinning that wheel yet again!

So here i have yet another dream of Mysterious origin, giving to me a messege of some kind...
In my dream I go to Washington DC and sit in a conference room or cafe room to hear that
"freestone Wilson from Dallas, Texas has won the National Lottery and gets $300,000 a year for life"!
then I look at my ticket that i hold for this lottery, and look at the winning numbers and note that i have ALL the numbers except one of them and that number, out of maybe six[like a real lottery]...that number that is "off", is off by just one number. as if the correct number is "15" but i have "14" on my ticket.

yes the Powerball lottery is big now, and it is the closest to being the national lottery and the winning prize is near three-hundred-million! lump sum: not a yearly payment, but the "number" is the same....300!
yes once i DID live in Dallas texas for about half a year.
? ? ?
so far...there is "two freestones"...the winner from when i lived in Dallas in 1983, and the "second place winner: freestone-now".

Actually the meaning is very very me, subjectively, personaly, with my symbol-system!!
As many dreams have already said...."that Texas=heaven and specificly that Dallas=heaven, the afterlife:
this infers that my living in dallas is "objective Time", time out of time, the Real time, to wit...the time AT
my death, local Heaven time!....but as there is no time in heaven, it would be the Time on earth that i died. no, not "3pm"...but the number of something else!
I am now 60 years old, as of June 28.
Dreams have often told me, in ways that I can not Refute, that i lived a past life of a certain number of years in length, in the 1800s. then there is yet another number or two.....of years Set into Spiritual projects...that overlap and are contained within the 60 years....
If i add them all up, present and past...this will, AT THE BEGINNING OF 2002, give to me a grand total of
300 years!! my present "60" is about four months "short" of coming to 300. thus that "total" is still 299, until the year's end: it will be "300", on January 1st, until i turn 61, in june of 2002, when it will be 301.

thus i will "win" the lottery when i turn "300" at the end of this year, within the six months between jan 1 and june 28. "win" as in Freestone=Dallas"!!
Right today, i am a "number short" year off from 300. will be until "dec 29,2001!
---that is the Meaning of the dream, not neccesarily the belief of the owner! it is up to me to decide whether it comes from Spirit or my own brain-engine!

AMAZING how so many weblogers can just throw out their blips in terse one-liners! Why, i need near-pages as *anything* that i think of has layers and layers and associations rich! why if i could type 90 wpm instead of 10 wpm, i would type pages and pages for each and any thing that i write.
would ya tear a living frog apart to give a leg of it to someone?! Gotta give the person all of a sweater instead of 54 threads of it, when the person asks to look at it!
same with a dream interpetation!
i do not even like to talk about dreams as no one has the time for it ALL the associations must be looked at! why there was a lady-friend back ago who asked me of her dream and she told me for 20 minutes and then i spent 30 minutes and then at the end of the talk i gave, she happened to mention that
"the bowel had strawberries instead of rasberries, in it"
THAT changed everything utterly! i had to go back and completely re-do the dream interpetation as now it was as if it were another dream entirely! it was...some symbols are THAT critical!

so yet another dream i had, that is a warning....does it come from my own mental looping, thinking about the afterlife and my possible soon-to-be death? or does it come From Spirit?! i would think the later, using the symbols and the techniques that give it to me!!
stay tuned........