Tuesday, August 07, 2001

my that was a lot of rain!

10 inches!

cars floated.
lakes became amebas that Grew and Ate.

I always figured that weather and man are Connected. No, i do not mean in the "polution/global warming sense"! I mean that the weather that anyplace has is somehow connected to the soul-state of the collective people's who live in that place.

I had a 1978 aquantance who regularly attended the Seth lectures, in person, at Elmira, ny...about 60 miles from Ithaca where he lived. he would be one of the classmates in her class where "seth spoke "
through jane Roberts.
this guy told me that many of the Seth speakings never never got into any of her books!

In 1972, Elmira had about 20 inches of rain and this was catostrophic as even two inches of rain, in that part of the country, is a LOT of rain. the city is in a flat valley surrounded by mountains and you can just imagine! there was water up to at least the second floor of every house and building there!

this city was 1972 Depressed. industry had left, only poverty ruled. plywood for storefronts.

So Seth said that the collective souls of this region INVOKED this flood to try to "flush out all of the crud, the negativity, of this region"!

I belive that. i belive that happened. "weather" is not an accident, just like anything around us is not an "accident"!