Wednesday, August 08, 2001

my dreams are SO interesting!!


the other night, i had some astral experience worth writing about, an out of body experience.
I spent the entire night with a group of young men, maybe even late teen, in age. the feeling of the group was "male Wicca"! there was talk of Magik and how it works and how to achieve some mastery in it.
there was showings of how to cast spells and how to Get results.....too too bad that i never can really remember all of these dreams, they are so so "otherworldy" that there are few personal life-associational-hooks, to pin the memories onto, when i wake up!

evidently the six to ten men were attending a "class" of some kind, in the spirit world that is just above the earth level of vibrations. the next level up, thusly. here the earth and the spirit intermingle and in these dreams, i find, if, say, two people come together from two separate bedrooms to meet, they each will bring their own scenery with them! that is, i dream that i am in my own childood bedroom, meeting a guy there, but this guy will dream that he is in HIS childhood bedroom, meeting me who comes into his bedroom.
too---the ten "kids" in this dream may not have been kids! the bodies of the kids may actually be the soul-shapes of older people who astral travel in bodies that are twenty years younger than their earthly age at the currant earth times...
[yes, the phrase " i will see you in my dreams" may have real real reality!]

yes, we all flew above the ground from place to place, about ten feet off of the spirit-ground. there was some central instructor, older than the men who came to him, who was giving the mage instructions to them all: not a Formal inituation, mind you, but an informal discourse on magik with "examples" and having the "kids" practice some of it on their own.

I got the feeling, here, that the instructor was not "lording" it over with the "kids"...the feeling that i awoke with was that this instructor was "empowering" everyone to be and to become their own "Mage-ness", their own powers to develop without need for some outer masterly figure to be present, beyond the instructor-levels!

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