Monday, August 06, 2001

interesting with thwe storm...all of my "reflective, meditative" moments of thinkings are GONE!
there is no space to ponder that amazing dream i had last night, btween just the survival of keeping dry and the concern for weather and storms...

i can very very well see they say in windows games..."are you aware that the programs operating in the background take away cycles of your machine so that there may actually be very few cycles availible to play your computer game with"
i can very well see how as a person gets sick or gets into "survival mode"...there is very little left in the brain to use for "luxery" items like of "pondering Life's Meanings'!!

---in fact, i have seen some new agers want to go back to "simpler days"---of working on the commune farm dawn to dusk, no electicity...etc... If they did that, they would not have to think about anything
of "soul"...or of other psychological issues as all of their time and energy is spent in this "survival mode"!
that they actually choose to do this as a kind of "cop out"...then they would not have to face all of the multi-choices that are of this Age! then they lay a guilt trip onto the rest of us for being so "softly indulgent"!
----hmmmm......i got a slick flyer from the "new age Food Co-op" the other day...the flyer was of like a magizine, but really it was of about twenty pages of ADS! advertisements for...."not real food"
pills...potions...herbs...they were, and very slickly done.
if i have an "issue" with this, it is not having to do with ads[ someone has to pay for the store and they did not create the ads---some company sent to this market the whole promo kit for them to use!]
the issue i had was this...
that many if not most of the ads were for products that CLEANSED YOUR COLON!
shades of 1880!
the most buzzywordy scientifical words to describe the inner clean-ness of a good laxitive.
[i am beginning to wonder if "1885" and the hippie/new age...are part of the same mindset?!

playing on fears, they are, the colon ad people. maybe the symbolic meaning is that many people have inner crud of the mind and soul that they can not push out and get rid of, or at least the FEAR that there IS such crud adhering to their souls....

time to go for my cheeseburger, the nice homemade food cafe Wilts Under Tropical Storm Warnings and Shuts down!