Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Interesting ride for me into the downtown, on the bus, today. Oh, nothing occurred, it just was my usual ruminations....
I thought about how strange and interesting "everyday life" is!

there is a story behind and in every little thing. The smallest event can hold all kind of relationshipal meanings with dozens and dozens of "seemingly" unrelated things around it!

the hotel Mural!
on the way to coffee after bus, as i climbed the hill, there was that new mural on the wall of the Hotel, downtown. mangement had it put there as a kind of backdrop to their new outdoor cafe that they just set up, to take advantage of the Tallahassee city's promo about revitializing the downtown.

---lokks just like a ordinary mural, a painting done by someone depicting a cafe scene with the Capital building in the bacground. there are customers at the tables and cooks and servers in the background, with Musicians and pedestians further back.

I took a closer look, last month, at it. there were the BEETLES, "crossing the street"!, from that early record album!
I noted that each of the cook's and muscian's faces looked like they were of "real" people.

One day, a few weeks ago, i saw the head manager outside setting up the tables and i asked him about the mural!
i got a small eye-opener! he showed to me Kennedy with his daughter.
the Mona Lisa!
each and every customer, cook, server, muscian...was of some local person, known to the music or resturant scene!

most people would just walk by and not notice any of this...