Thursday, August 30, 2001

an interesting recall of a dream i had years ago, a dream which may help me to choose what i will do IF i am still alive by summer of next year.
the dream;
---a voice merely appeared in my dream, off in a visual distance was a city skyline, far far off away.
voice says...
"people on the ADEPT path, must *never* live in cities: they must live near college towns"

as i left the library of FSU, and walked to the relative queit of the downtown, maybe a mile away, i felt ought to, i guess as there is an enrollment this year of 35,000!! this lethergy reminded me when i lived with my sister out in the country and she had that typing service in town, a college town of a school of 15,000+. my job was to post the bullitin boards with her ads.
all over campus and when i was done, a one hour nap was manditory! drained.

there IS such a state as being a "psychic empath"! i am that, i guess, thus the counsel of that dream!!
"adept" would mean someone with "psychic powers and sensitivity". that is I.
greatly so, this is something that always catches me by ego-surprise!! do i EVER learn?!

and i can well see the wisdom of the "college town", as "strange people are more accepted there. just imagine me moving to a archtypical tennessee mountain town where even people who move there from one valley over are considered to be Outsiders and to be measured and found Wanting!

[i would give this rambling post to anyone out there who is finding that they are more psychic than their friends and at about 20---25 or so, this develops. pick up auras of anyone around ya. become more feeling of the person's aura at the table next to you than even that person is of his/her own feelings! ]

only this means that i must move to my childhood home town area as i am accepted there!!
[you would NOT want to know how much it snows there in a year! i said "year' not winter!!! they have more white Easters than most places have white Christmasses!!]

pschic empath....that means in the presence of several people; one's aura is like of a car battery and someone lays a huge wet cresent wrench across both terminals and leaves it there for a day! drained. almost like that "chronic tiredness syndrome"

oh tallahassee, long live tallahassee: most excellant when it had 20,000 it has 250,000 and growing!
the mating call of the distant chainsaws draws Suiters to come to mate: malls are the Larvae offspring of this mating between chainsaw and developers!
but maybe CARS are!!

so if i live a bit longer, i may have little choice but to i grow older and more sensitive....