Friday, August 10, 2001

the other day I bought a jar of jam at Publix. tis was a very very good jar of strawberry, almost homemade, it was tasting like.
I went immediately back to Publix to the shelf and there i checked all the Smucker's strawberry jam jars.
I noted and wrote down, back home, the batch number of the jar...there were four more jars of that *exact* batch number, on the shelf. i bought ALL of them!
this is, i guess, Sensitivity at Work! i have discovered that these jars-in-batches, are clones, as maybe thousands of jars come from one giant kettle, and the individual box that the grocer gets has maybe ten jars of that same-batch. If the mumber is not the same, the taste will not be the same!
I find this to be true with EVERY food! even the homoginized looking "sue bee honey" jars, why every batch number of "clover" honey is utterly different from the other batches.
jam is not jam...that jar of orange malmalade you buy today is not the same jam that you buy next month, if it comes from another batch!

I find this to be true even with individual fruit trees! each tree or plant, unless cloned or got from graftings,
will have different tasting fruit: my mother's pasture must have had ten or more different tasting blackberry plants, even though they were of the species "blackcap raspberry"!