Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Interesting experience coming home on the bus yesterday.
my next door friend has a 13 year old girl who this year takes the city bus to school so he, father, does not have to drive her the 6 miles everyday as he has 4 other kids that EACH go to a different school.
she got on at the station. behind her some guy got on. This here guy was about 6' 5" and Filled the space around him. he wore what looked to be an army uniform...fatiges, almost convincing, but he had as a necklace three baby-bottle-nipples! maybe 24 years old. when the bus pulled out of the station this guy was sitting across her isle, nearly in her face. He began to rant. rant about "following the lord
keeping away from sin sin and how everyone must do that. that is what the words MEANT but he did not really speak in words!
98% emotion!
blathering, ya cannot get away grab ya by the shirt collar emotional harange! mostly, i saw, towards this girl, but also to everyone within earshot!
No ideas, no constructed sentences...all emotion. at 90 decibals and for evey second of wheel-turning, of that bus, until five miles later she and i got off!

[i sorta think that her 13 year old Hormonal turn-on teenage change of life from "girl" to 'woman" was too much for him to handle....]

she did not come out for this morning's bus! betcha daddy will have to take her TO and FROM school from now on! betcha that she now has a great distaste for blacks...[oh reminds me of those ten black dudes in the college caferteria, a few years ago, so filthy in mouth that all the 300 girls around them were getting a crash course in racial Discrimination and of course these black guys will blame the girls utterly and not themselves for that Learned Attitude!]

I wonder, i reallized that there would be NO WAY that i ever could talk with this guy, we have ZERO in common....mostly i blame our educational sytem that does not teach anyone how to FEEL...for blackies, whities, or for anyone else! here is a guy who is 90% emotional based and no intellectual methods will ever reach him, so that his great STRENGTH only become a handicap, a liability and this Talant is Arested. He will be "six years old" for the rest of his life, as that is as far as our educational system can take him!!
"man-child" is a *very* apt description of this guy!!
He IS attending a kind of "school" for this emotional-body-earthly counsciousness, of course...
"DRUGS 101"! extesy, crack, grass, beer....
far better schooling than what is given to him in "school"!
[I feel that unless our educational system changes 19,999,865%...NOW---------that we should legalize
everything [yes, that drug too!], and have them all for sale on everystreet corner for all ages!

trying to teach a kind of "mind-only" in the schools, is like making every breed of dog just alike and train them accordingly! the sheep dog and the pomerainian and the poodle and the german shepard....treat them as if they all had the *exact* same talants and train them thusly!
so guys like this will have extremely strong and powerfull emotions as a "one trick horse" and there is no one there to teach him how to change this emotion into FEELINGS and to constuctively USE them
in life and in Spirit. "bachti"...that is not the right spelling....i believe this is the India Indian word for the devotee who feels, who follows God via the path of feelings: perhaps this is the highest octave-al
transformation of "emotion"...but who and what "school" is there in this western land that teaches this?