Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Interesting cafes in tallahassee.

there is a coffee cafe in a caboose! a real train caboose, right next to the tracks.

then there is the "Black Dog" cafe! it is the Intellectual watering hole for tallahassee. where is it?
In the American legion hall next to the Viet Nam vet club building! yes, right in the very very exteme right of center hall, why often, they tell me, the Vets and the Hip sit at the same table and Dialogue!

then there is the coffee cafe that i go a church! yes right in the church building complex...home cooked food and wonderious deserts, why they have real whipped cream from cows! due to construction in the main church building, the suday sevices are held IN the room the cafe is in! thus, for a while, i do have my lunch IN a church!