Friday, August 03, 2001

I remember that guy in the College cafeteria. [oh the joys of peoplewatchings!]
when i worked at FSU in the mailroom, i would take my lunch break at the cafeteria. I often watched this grad student, actually he looked about 19, but he was one of these "whiz kids", a gifted nerdy, who must have had an IQ of 150 or 160! probably a grad student at 19!
He had a very very interesting way to eat! In the 1970s, there were no salad bars as such here. but isee that he loved salads and he would every lunch get a large salad in the largest bowl. but it was
mostly plain lettece with maybe a tomato or two piece in it. your basic california lettece trip--what you get when they give it to ya!

[yuuch! I HATE that, when ya gotta spend 86% of your writing counsciousness in FORM and SPELLINGS! I apologize , here, to any reader who is a english major...this weblog MUST be of my writings, NOT of a "english tech of correctness"]

---where was I?
yes, this guy would get this HUGE salad and he would bring in his huge briefcase a bunch of little jars and bottles with his OWN additions to this salad.
he would lay the jars out on the table and open them all and then he would sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle
stuff all over the salad. my guess is that he would add things like
wheat germ
then he would begin to eat the salad.

however, what i found to be SO memorible, so that the image is burned into my brain forever, is this...
this guy would put his fork into the salad and pull out a piece of lettece and eat it. THEN he would go back to all the jars and RE-sprinkle the salad again. then he would eat another small strip of lettece. then he would go back to the jars yet again....over and over and over. I would sit there with my own slow eatings but he would still be at it after i left!
SUMMERY: with an IQ of 160, it is *QUITE* obvious that if any little peice of lettece is disturbed, this changes EVERYTHING, utterly----and of course all of the ingrediants that he brought must be re-applied!
how many different arrangements are there? in a bowl of 100 hunks of is
100x99x98x97x96.............4x3x2x1= one huge huge number!! probably 5x10 to the 56x power: about the number of the grains of sand on all of the desert of the Sahara! each peice of lettece would have a different number of grains of oregano or salt or pepper on it. thus the re applications!

[ i often myself resalt my dish of, say, macaroni and cheese, at Piccidilys. most people salt only the top of the dish, but then they eat that top and the rest without even tasting that there is now no salt as they ate it with the top. why bother even salting, for these guys!]

least this Nerdguy did NOT make another mistake, a terrible mistake if he fell into it.
he wore grey!!
grey socks.
grey pants.
grey shirt...etc...etc....
everyday and everything....GREY!

HOO-ray!! IF he had to THINK about the clothes why in all counsciousciousness, he would have to, in a city of 100,000 people with 329 clothing stores, go contrast and compare EVERYTHING one to another, in style, in color, in cut, in brand, in shape, in size....and do it every moring every day...
thus now, with grey, he does not have to THINK...he has "removed a whole bunch of programs from his startup folder"! he can apply his brain to other things if he did not have to think about his clothes, and if he HAD to think about his clothes, why he would have to do it to the nth degree, just like in everything else in his life!

----yes, EMANUAL SWEDENBORG said, i think, "there are more differences between the souls of one person and another, than there is between two species of animals: each Soul is a separate species unto itself"!
from vinettes like this: the differnces are VAST!
what about that guy in my hometown diner who faced his lemon pie with a fork and took three forkfulls, three bites, and the pie was GONE!
in 4.6 seconds the pie was ate! I would take twenty minutes for the same pie!