Thursday, August 16, 2001

I read today in the Tallahassee Democrat....."Blairstone road plan is approved"!
----the suburbians out there have been fighting this road for years and years; bogged down in litagation and fighting, some resisents have spent over $30,000 on fighting it.
basicly, 10,000+ people moved out of tallahassee to get peace and Quiet, into the numerious suburb commities that are a-growing and they do not want the city to come to them.
little do they realize, as i see it, that THEY brought the road to them as so so many people moved out into the country to get away from the city, they made the city come out there! gotta have roads to serve the 10,000+ people! right?! tis always like this: all refugees from noise and mess, who move to pristine envirnments, always end up being one of the population of the NEW MEGOPOLIS that is formed FROM the gathering of these refugees.

---like that Guy at Krispy Kreme, in 1990 Gainesville who got up from the counter and pushed his backpack aside and ranted in great anger to one and all about what he read about those "1000 people a month who move to Florida and mess up the envirnment with over-population and crowds" he spoke of coming down from Cleveland las week and finding that there are too too many people in florida, even in gainesville.
someone got up from the counter and publicly CORRECTED him!!
told him that actually 1001 people came to florida last month and that HE was number "1001"
This person then pointed out the rantor's backpack and said that here was a guy who came down from Cleveland to escape the crowds and that he now was adding to the crowds of florida: utterly contradicting his personal rant! that he was AGREEING with the idea that crowd/polution-oppressed people SHOULD come to florida and the more the merrier...maybe 10,000 a month should now come: that this guy was in utter agreement with this!!
[all peacefull hippy communes turn into circuses with sewer overflows and muddy paths with gifte shoppe and paved parking lots and a entrance leaseform that is sixteen sheets long: mostly of "do nots"!----eventually!!]

so...what to do?
someday we all may HAVE to actually go back to "1950"!
this is where "psychology of adjustment" was THE self help book! you adapted TO where you were
and happiness lay in how much you fit yourself into what you family-community-town-country had to offer,
and you married the first person who came along and spent your lives together till death and took the very first job and stayed with it until either you or the job ended. And..lived in the same house for 30 to 50 years. I met a man in Rochestor ny, in the 70s, who was out walking near his old job-building. he worked in the very same building for 60 YEARS!! and he lived two blocks away. still lived two blocks away, probably in the same house. musta been 80 years old.
ying yang.
gotta be a balance between those two Poles!

otherwise, the Atalntas will cover the whole of georgia and *every* bit of western forest will have a house in it and "L A" will be the model for all of our cities!