Wednesday, August 15, 2001

I have a GUESTBOOK now!
I just now, from the "discussion forum" in blogger, found out that there are free guestbooks out there!
just like "" you who read this and have a weblog yourself, why you can have both a site counter meter AND a guestbook, just by going to these sites and signing up and linking!

so now I have a real live guestbook! it looks real good. lots of room for comments...

yes, tis amazing what is out there, if ya look!
the motto over the door of the old FSU library, from the late 1800s,
and is the motto of the "new" library, Strozier, at Florida State University
"The half of knowledge is to know where to find knowledge"

that sure sure applies on the internet!

did ya know...
that that ever-famous search engine, why i wondered for months what the "cached' link was for, at the bottom of every search result. one day i checked it out and oh boy was i sur-prised!
Seems that Google archives each and every page onto THEIR site, a clone of the original site. that does not sound so wonderfull expect that this clone is till there if the site dies!

there is life after internet death: dead sites live...

and the "404 not found" can be gotten around. why google wrote back to me telling me that once all of the MIT university Humanites records crashed and was lost, but that google had all of it on their own machines and thus could get MIT to reconstruct back their files!! can find pages on google that no longer exist anymore on their own servers!