Thursday, August 30, 2001

I had an Interesting Thought while awaiting the 7 am bus today!
with all this DreamWarnings about how i could die before the middle of next summer
[my whole family seems to have these dreams, forewarning them, and each other, about their oncoming deaths!]
As there is ALSO an event that says..."even Spirit may not be able to bring me Home at the appointed Time"....suppose i am still alive by the end of next summer?!

---Good material for a Novel!

Living beyond one's Appointed Time of Death!

Here it is, that I and Spirit, set it up before i was born....that i would die by summer of 2002. And, everything in my karma is, of course, set up for this Timing: when the death date comes, my Spiritual work is finished and done with.
[I have already been Informed of this, a number of times, in my Dreams, of late; why i was told this on new years eve of the change from 1999 to 2000! "that my life is finished, no more to do for spirit and self except to Come Home!!]

thus my 60 years is "programmed" to be finished with.
thus...IF i do not die, i will have lived BEYOND my endtimes!!
be like that Singer, on the stage, that when she is finished with her Act, she decides to remain upon the stage, and she sings some more, holding up the rest of the performers.

so what more Songs could i sing??
here i am, 60, with no job skills and Autistic and, what is Interesting, i have a disibility pension from the vet people: i could sorta live on it. BUT!
but i have allegies and reactions to what most people take for granted.....
sick buildings...
perfume[church is NOT an option, church IS a toxic substance for me! [ i read that church is indeed THE greatest stressor for allergic/asthma/lungdamage people as the room is closed up all week and then the mold from the ac or the dust/fumes from the furnace and the rug shampoo and polish...even BEFORE the people come in with their perfumes, colonges, shave lotions, hairspray, Douches, eyeshadow, etc etc etc-----with those mothballed musty clothes from the closet all week.....]
[some ladies use enough perfume to gas a woodchuck with!!]
paint fumes...
clothing dyes...

what can i do? where could i live? no more karma and few 'safe' breathing spaces?!
Do i ask spirit for more Missions? or do i choose my own, at the "risk" of being self centered?
do i do "brave" discoveries, like move to another place?
do i set up a way to scam little old ladies of their $$$, so that i could live??

today, i should not Answer them...but the far off rocky mountain range, of this possibility, must have the directions looked at, from time to time, as i draw ever the nearer to the middle of next summer...
11 months away.
between the Volcanoes, the jewish war, and my own health, that is a long long time yet!

but it would be very Interesting: to live beyond one's end!
Rod Serling wrote a Play for "90 minutes", a year before he died. years later, his wife found the manuscript in his garage: she had it made into a production that was aired on tv somewhere around winter of 94 or 95.
Rod Serling had already about 4 heart attacks and his works were falling out of favor, in the Macarthey era of HollywoodFear, when he wrote that script!
his topic:
"the man who Lived beyond His time"[of death!].
---story of a group of people who lived on a island, kept alive beyond their Appointed Times, by a doctor.
Serling's description of these people was that they had all but become ZOMBIES, as there was some kind of Perversion of soul, if one were to live beyond one's end time...IF that end were preset by spirit.
since Rod Serling died on my Birthday day....june 28th, the year of my mother's death...i should take this production to heart!!