Thursday, August 02, 2001


there are people reading this, my meter is getting hits!
[yes at you can have a free sitemeter!]

poignetcy....oh i cannot spell, i write out what it sounds like not what it looks like!
oh poignet, my weblog....

not only do I have all these OBE experiences where i first person go to afterlife worlds, I have yet ANOTHER twist
to my life that gives yet another Urge for me to write!
----that in one of my Dreams, I had a precognititive view of what my very very first heavenly experiences will be like just after i first arrive there! december 2000.
[during all of my life, everytime that I was getting ready to make a mojor move to another part of the country, months before this move i would have a precognitivie dream showing to me many of the places that i would see months and months later. so why not THIS move?! it IS just a move, like all of the others, only "larger"!]

my sister, who died in 1986, had left her house and Moved On to a higher heaven; someone else had now her house. there was a cabin readied for me, empty, the lady who lived there had herself gone on to the place where ANGELS live. It is the Custom that one's heaven home, in the first level, is left to another incoming soul, when the person goes onwards. i, too, would do this eventually.
my cabin is to be right NEXT to the incoming gate, for this appalachian mountain land, the name of this heaven. i think that i am being prepared to become a GREETER there, of other incoming souls.

there was my name by the cabin and two numbers...on the signboard.
took me a while to deciper them. they have appeared in other vision dreams too. but now, the code reveals....
the year of my arrival there.
not this year, NEXT year!

so i have five months, maybe 11 months, as it is also conditioned, in this dream, to be where i am 60 at death, and i will be 61 in the end of june 2002.
less than a year, maybe six months!!


oh, but is not that number maybe "symbolic"?! we-l-l......sometimes they are, numbers like this, but in THIS case, i feel strongly not so, unless Spirit were to OVER-RIDE the date.

so, to me, it is like i have just been shown the X-ray, and the doctor points to a white spot in my brain, in the x-ray.
"I am S-O sorry------milaignant meleiomangmia"!
"six months to a year"!

moments of fantasy....will it be the Virus? or......
the wheel comes off the truck and it comes up onto the sidewalk, making hamburger of me?
or that brain tumor....a headache like i never had before and the next symptom is death!
or of something MORE edgy!! the mideast crisis goes into extreme, the Isreals get attacked by ALL the arab countiries including the Russian states that are muslim who Have The Bomb....Jeruselum is a crator and Isreal is only rubble, but not before unleashing all of its bombs onto the rest of arab world.....leading to

since i am fairely healthy now....i wonder?
these are dangerious dangerious times to live in folks.....

so i will try to put an entry or two into the Journal every day or two unless the servers are your end or of mine.