Friday, August 24, 2001

here is an edited letter to my Aunt in Upstate ny....

well hi R....! i took your letter to my computer at the library as the mail came so so late yesterday that it was in my box at 7 am so i took it with me so you will be TREATED to a letter that you can actually read!

that russian prophecy, by the evnagelical people, was awesome. but not real news to me! everytime a person dies on either side jew or arab, there are 500 more relatives who swear vengence! there are many who see a persecution and major war coming from this...probably some day the temple WILL be rebuilt, but upon the rubble and ashes of Jeruselum!
it will fester and fester until......
I will return the article to you soon. Yes, enjoy the INDIAN SUMMER of the days of america, it will be a
"neck and neck" horse race between whether you will die of old age first [ she is 76 ] or else WW III/great recession will FROST america!! thus indeed, your indian summer of you and husband and all the good stuff that you do with your days and weeks...will be a very good experience for you two: DO IT NOW while their still is yet a good time for to do it!
I read that everywhere, the restoration of old buildings...the Reunions of families...the a great grand Indian Summer for us all, before the great FROST comes...
make hay while the sun shines.
being saved in the lord is the first order of doings, of course, .but there is MORE to do: that is to "grow in the spirit of the lord"! you have heard the phrase, no doubt..."babes in Christ", refering to someone who is saved while young but did nothing with that salvation afterwards so that their Saved Soul was like a baby when they died! all of those reunions and trips are like "baking the dough" as you two feel and think spiritual thoughts as you have all of these wonderious events. just seeing them as "wonderious" is a Spiritual growth thing itself!! why so many people i know and you know just are consumed with anger and concern and are depressed and bothered these days. same events same reuinions, but a whole different reaction inside their souls! in fact, a GOOD "indian summer". in a spiritual way, is TO just travel about to concerts and events and gatherings of friends and relatives! to sum up, to "bake the dough" of consumations, of does not have to suffer suffer at the end of life, whether as a country or as a person: you know yourself of people who "went down hard" at the end of their lives...i wonder how J--- handled it when the doctor told him that he might die in a month?
would seem that cynical j----, still young, still unrepentant, was angy and bitter at his litteral
death sentence, his Military Orders upon the table, giving a date and time for to Move To heaven! WAS he bitter? did he "go down hard", as some Warden's put it, as the condemed killer was being prepared for the electric chair death row waiting period! nothing like walking into the doctor's office with just a headache and next week being told that the Cancer will kill you in a month, to Get Ya Going into some state of mind or another?!!
[this guy walked into the doc's office with a headache and was told he had a rare blood cancer...dead in a month!! he was always cynicla and used people for his own self-interests...]
you too r.... have a sort of "Orders for heaven" in just your age alone...let alone any WW III or earthchanges!
so I enjoy reading about your Indian summer activities, ...please tell me them even if they seem 'trival"!

as my own letters have Inferred, i at 60 feel that i have not very long either...WW III or earthchanges may come first, for me...dangerious times for me....this is one reason why i have considered visiting/moving back to see you all. two: quiet walks alone with the lord in the countryside.

oh amtrak! i checked again...they are getting "like the rest of the travel industry---gotta have six computers to keep up with so so many options! the lady i talked to just NOW at 9 am, not so nice and pleasent, told me that the fare was $359!! that it changes minute by minute and day to day! plus she gives schedules that are different from their own master list!! where is that $250 fare i got last week?!
If i made a visit then decide to live there and then come back to get my stuff, the cost would be $700!!
too much! way way too much! sorta puts me in a small bind.............

in the end, i may just forget about it all. period!

oh i supposse there is always a "Lordly" intervention, if the Need for me to come is M..... suddenly "discovering" that he needs to rent the upstairs apt...but i think, as i recall, he is using it as a studio now...not an option. there are not that many places there to begin with!
That amtrak pronouncement just Set Me back! $359 round trip. even greyhound is something like $300 unless some exotic fare exists...why i will call them to find out!
I will pray: probably my prayer will be like this:
"Lord...if i am suppossed to come visit or live, you will provide: if not, then it will all fall away, and i will find it not to come at all, at least until next year"!

they sprayed and i have not had any reaction or hardly any smells of spray! i am glad that i do not actually live under the spray zone!
HEY, the headlines this am has now one or two dead crows found in WINDSER ONTARIO!..that is 100 miles west of toronto! nile virus for YOU too!!