Monday, July 16, 2001

Yesterday on my sunday morning walk i came across a certain person that i often see upon my walk.
He greeted me with "cool morning but oh bitch it will be hot again today".

---reminds me.
reminds me of that janitor i used to work with; i saw him stub out his cigarette, one day, upon the sidewalk. that gesture took him about all of ten seconds but i saw his whole life in that gesture. the summation of his whole life, as if those 60-odd years were to be a kind of two demensionalness, where
each and evey moment of those 60 years were right "now" in this moment of time. Just as the harmonics of melody has it where some a musiclal composition may have a theme running through it where each and every segment of that melody may have the theme in it---oh!, a better example of this is the hologram!
a hologram film has it where any small snippet cut from the piece of film, why that snippet has the whole image in it! you cut cut a one inch square from a twenty inch square of holo-film, of a scene, and that one inch square will, upon being blown up to twenty inches; it will have the whole scene, the same as the twenty inch original had!
---that stubbing of the cigarrete was like that: his whole life was in it.

same with that statement about the morning that my aquaintance said to me, just before he went on to tell me 20 more things, all in a certain TONE of voice, a voice filled with anger and cynicism: ah the intellectual's Occupational Hazard! which is...."I know what perfection could be, in anything, and all falls short of this" yes, i can see why animals can Tell about a person: the life is in the Tone!
Reveals the Soul. each soul has a tone and this tone is in anything that is done, big or small....