Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Yes i ponder a bit over what i wrote early today about the earthchanges and manderville and my own visions.
My own mother had a vision ten years before she died that she would be killed by a red sports car coming into her lane at dusk....but that my father would live till he was 72.
probably 1965 when she had that dream....father was about 51 then.

sure enough ten years later her Appoinment Was Kept, righ down to the color of that sports car in her lane at 120 mph! about ruined the psychological health of my father, her death did.
he would burn water if he tried to cook it.
being Alone in the old farm house in Gothic upstate ny unhinged him a bit. he blamed "everything" on me and never spoke to me again...

when he turned 72, he suffered many stokes; but just bfore that he had a Conversion experience of some sort...saw angels and spirits and on his "deathbed" in the intensive care unit, he asked my aunt that he wanted to see me.
i immediately drove 1200 miles to see him, and his face glowed with joy...a wonderfull reunion.
for a year, i would see him several times a week, i lived with my aunt[his sister] for a year...often the nurses would gather around while i would tell Dudley of some of my Vision experiences of heaven.

he died at 73 on Christmas day.

so was mom wrong about he dying when he was 72?
Spirit gave to him an EXTENSION so that he could make amends with his son and he died two months into his 73rd birthday on the day of Gifts...Christmas.

so maybe Spirit can overwrite any "endtimes" earthchanges too!!