Wednesday, July 11, 2001

when i moved back to my home town, in the 1990s, my aunt told me about the house down the rural road, the house that has been abandoned for years and years. the two sisters in the nursing home let my aunt and kids go through the house for stuff.
so i walked down to it.
grass is four feet high. the house is falling down. paint peels---must be about ten years that they, the two sisters, have been in the nusing home.
mold, mustyness...the house is packed with junk, mostly their belongings from the 1950s. pack rats!!

most of the good stuff has been stolen, rumaged through....
so much stuff that one room fell through into the celler!

i found a dish or two.
a week later i asked my aunt if i could go back again. aunt says she will ask them when she goes visiting the rest home next week.
week later i am told that i can go back but that i must pay the ladies three dollars per item.

here they are in the home snuggling right up against the tombstone of time and they still own every little thing in that house all 9,069++++ items!! a psychic string of connection runs to each and every object in that house of theirs....they would drag all of it through that door of the tombstone if they could!!
THIS is where ghosts are made: they die and then go back to live in that house instead of Going On to heaven!!
how tiring and exhausting to have all these strings still attached to each and evey thing in that house.
---the 1953 sovenier plate of Watkins Glen gorge.
---the rusty spatula.
---overstuffed couch: home to mice, now.
---37 issues of Ladies home Companion[1958].
---plaid dress with tear and mouse-shit.
---one slipper
---electric bill: june 23 of 1964
---lid without its knob...for to cover pies with.
---52 nails strewn about the floor, slightly rusty.
---a "fuller" brush, with hair.
---12 copies of "life" magazine, well lathered with racoon dung, piled upon the floor.

i think that the girls are STILL in the nusing home: house slowly collapses into itself, as nephew of mine
has bought the farmland, the barn has burned, rumor has it that the next door 16 year old "likes to watch fires burn"! yard andblakened barn; the four acres could now actually be bought by the Nature Conservatory as a wildlife preserve....tis so so overgrown.