Tuesday, July 31, 2001

well i see in the news that some kid was freakishly killed in some medical accident, a freak accident that was so rare......surely the parents were very upset.

this reminded me about what several Spirit Guides said about one's time of death..... i spent several months reading through Books brought forth from mediums, a number of years ago; there were some very very interesting stuff here!
some of the comments were------

----some people come and die as children and that they come TO die young, set up in advance, for many many reasons.
----a guide says,"you would be amazed at what goes on behind the scenes of a large group-accident, like of a plane crash of 178 people! first the plane is set up, in Spirit, so that it will crash. then the passengar list is drawn up, the guides and angels decide who needs to die right now and who has it set up where that person is supposed to die right now...and they are all, individually, one by one, brought to get a reservation for that plane so that they all can die at once! ........and oh! as this takes months and months to set up, on earth, by then several people have it where NOW they do not need to die at this time: Spirit THEN has these people either have a warning dream of not to go or maybe the car breaks down on the way to the airport and they miss the flight"!!
-----some people have it set in stone that there is ONE death date: others have it where one finishes certain karmas and then they go..."conclusion" directed" not "time directed"...the conclusion of a certain karmas could take ten years or thirty years.
----[aha this one is a "toughy"!] in this here book, written about 1950, this guide says..."modern medicine has gotten to save SO many lives that spirit has problems having people to keep their APPOINTMENTS!
If people have a appointment to come to heaven and modern medicine were to cure the enabling disease, spirit would not be "happy" with this....
spirit creates NEW diseases, new sicknesses that there is no cure for yet, so that people can have them and KEEP their appointments!!
[yipes! just imagine what AIDS spirit can create to have Souls to die at their appointed times!!]