Tuesday, July 03, 2001

well i guess my visit to the vet clinic was interesting! they told me more or less that i did indeed tear some blood vessel in my bronchial system, the lungs looked ok on the x-ray.
sigh...coughing up some blood, i will probably do that for days and days: the bhronchial system is not a place good for clots to set up to heal...in!!

tis interesting again to sit there and look at the other vets that walk in, 30 or 60 people who have Problems. some look "ok" and some older men just can walk in the door, carring a box with oxygen tubes going into their noses---they gotta have that extra air ALL day and ALL night long!
puts my small problem Into Perspective!
in the distance there is always that Deep Cough, coming from someone.....

treasure your health, do not let the small problems pile up. yes i have seen scenes in the afterlife: i KNOW heaven will await me after death, and not merely believe this...but I am in No Hurry to get there by ignoring my health....plus: when one is not healthy, there is not a good experiencing of life as much of the vitial life force is diverted to the body needs, its sickness!