Saturday, July 28, 2001

I finally got my link, on the left of the page, to my "freestonefiles" site where about 20 of my visions are written up where they can be read by people who go there. To read of SOME of what i have seen and experienced.
there are articles on AUTISM and alien abductions and earthchange visions too!

quite a small job, not only for the link, but more so for the "freestonefiles" page! I had to get the intro done so that it is easy for visitors to know that they can actually subscribe to my site through
when someone subscribes, any new visions or articles that i write up there will be E-mail-icly sent out to the subscriber...but there will be ONLY maybe one per month if that!

that's an art and Science of itself---how to give directions so that another person can follow them!
True Direction-givers are rare rare...

so I hope to write up a few more, out of the 100-plus that i have had, over the 40 years or so...