Wednesday, July 18, 2001

that guy came into the coffee shop again this morning.
a homeless person who lives at the Shelter. puts 30 packets of sugar into his coffee.
wears the same clothes till they unwashedly turn brown, a dingy brown-all-over. recently the seat of his pants wore out so that MOST of his underwear shows but then again most people would not see it as he spends most of his day on the park bench!!
[many of the Homeless, at the shelter, will spend all day long sitting in front of the shelter, until they are re-admitted back at night!]

many of these people are people who used to, in the "old" days, lived in mental hospitals, but now are "in the care of the community"! i read that there is a nurse that actually has an office inside of the Tallahassee shelter and she gives aid to these people and dispenses their "meds"!

my take on them is........
some high quality amplifiers are burdened with a speaker sytem that produces scratchy poor sound.
the music is of good quality but somewhere between creation and output there is trouble.
so here are people who Want To Dance the dance of life, who want to Live their Life in Soul, but it does not get out into manifestations!
they are us; but with some handicap, a handicap that cripples them; but even us, we all, have SOME handicap of "life-expressions"---whether it is a medical condition, like an allergy, or some childhood Trauma, or something....a something that does not cripple us so much that we can not "function".

I knew a man once, who would all day long see angels and demons and spirits---his ten tabs of LSD a day for six months percipatated a schizophrenia latant. He fell out of the living room, through the picture window, into the backyard of the collective uncounsciousness of Mankind, the same place where the mystics, the poets, the artists go: but they have a telephone with them so that they can communicate back to people in the living room and to themselves what they see and experience out there....AND a rope so that they can pull themselves back into that living room WHENEVER they choose to come back----this poor acid lsd guy have neither!! all this guy could do is to laugh hystaricly all day long as the demons spun around his head and yelled at him, the demons and spirits that only he could see and were probably VERY real, being the earthbound spirits of the dead!

thus...the messege of the homeless, as i see it, is that we ALL are homeless, in some way!