Wednesday, July 18, 2001

that article in the paper this morning reminded me of something.

the artlcle: this is where a man came to the baseball game where his estranged wife and his ten year old son was, and he pulled out a gun and shot both of them and then he turned the gun upon himself...three dead!

a spirit guide wrote, i read, "there is that heavenly realm where the Angels live.
now...just what constitutes their greatest happiness?!
what would make one Angel the happiest, there, is to do something to make all of the other Angels around her to become happier than she is"!

SO removed from the earthsphere!
but i can now see the Intent of this saying, from my life and from my Visions......

If that man who killed Truly Loved his wife and she fell in love with another man, taking his son with them: if he truly put her happiness
above all else, value-ing her Self above his wants, and he felt that she was happier with this other man than with he, then he ought to tell her that he gives to her his Blessings.
He wants her to be happy and if that other man can fullfill her soul better than he can: she should go to him! To put her happiness above his wants.