Monday, July 30, 2001

a quiet day. I sit here, sometimes drawing a blank as my autistic state of mind has it where i do not bring along anything to write about when i sit down!

probably i will have to take notes during the day! the Bus always provides many people watching though....

somehow, in all of the people that i see, i come to the conclusion, a conclusion i could write pages and pages upon....that this conclusion of mine is that we all will arrive in heaven whether our lives were "good", by the Church's definitions! we all are Doing Our Field Work, here on earth and no one Project is "wrong"! even the Executive who spends all of his days in his business world consummed in type A behavior, a work-aholic....and dies of that Promished haert attack...why when he arrives in heaven he will find that Management is very needed there too! and he Has Lots of Training in management skills.

You are not, in my opinion, judged by others or yourself, in heaven for WHAT you did, whether being a long long talker, or a aggressive land developer or a Mother of children.
you are judged by WHAT and HOW you did yopur talant and how you used it!
---it is what you talk about, not the amount.
---it is how you developed the land, not that you were a Developer..
---if you were authoritarian? it is how you used that Authority.
----and how the mother raised her children.

so dance dance dance, whatever Danc that strikes your fancy...there are no wrong answers up there and no one is going to hit you with their ugly stick when you arrive in the afterlife, for something you did or did not do!

well i gotta go for today.....have a good one, whoever reads this!
I finally got my link to the archives fixed so that you can not only GO to read the writups of some of my visions, from the link on the left of the Journal; you can now go to the very very bottom of this weblog page and use the yahoo graphic-link to sign up for the archives! thus if i have anymore of my visions written up, in the future, they will go out in the e-mail to you! there will not be a lot of them, but a few, in the next few months.