Tuesday, July 03, 2001

on the way to the library about ten minutes ago, i passed a man on the sidewalk. he yelled to me..."oh this terrible Tallahassee city"!
i could not turn fast enough, physically, or mentally, to reply to him.

i hear this a lot over the years. so so many people do not like tallahassee. especially the intellectuals. this city is a bit sprawly, for sure, but that sprawl does not contain the "urban city-ness' that true urban dwellers crave!

one person's heaven is another's hell. i now know what to ask these tally bashers...."if this city is your hell: what place is your heaven?!
i can get a handle then upon his dislikes and begin to talk.

so why do these people dislike a place so. funny, i hear that in every single place that i live in.

-----someone told me that new york city was nothing but capitalistic consumerisms.
a day later...
-----someone else told me that he loved new york city so because of the great economic opporunities there!

same reality: two utterly different perceptions.