Saturday, July 07, 2001

oh what a SOBERING 4th of july week!!

the day after my 28th birthday, the 29th, i ran to get out of the rain and i musta tore a artery in my bronchial system...coughing up blood: the vet Clinic found nothing serious.
I got a "birthday present" like this back in 1963! food poisoning for a week just after my birthday!

THEN i found the Pattern. tis my life runs in 19 year cycles, absolutely so....I could fill this whole page as to the examples of this, reader....and the Pattern runs through THREE generations of my family who moved here, since 1907!!

19 year repeats.
in october of 1963, my school burned down, the dorm was ashes: i left in my car with only the clothes on my back: in several months of living with my mother, i joined the air force and went to texas for 4 months.
in october of 1983, 19 years later, i was living with my sister in the Asheville mountains when she had to sell her beloved home at auction, we became refugees, fleeing at night, leaving stuff in the house, to go to texas for four months!

I am waiting for the shoe to drop: in sept to november, of this year, i may have to leave tallahassee with nothing but my clothes and soon to texas! tis that 19 years again:THAT was my birthday present for this year, that sickness of 1963!! a reminder.

oh this here chicken now sees the hawk circling overhead, but she must keep a-living in that field, gotta scratch the ground in order to eat! one eye must always be focused upon that hawk....

sorta takes the sails out of my life, a bit.....But I have Been Shown this already.

yes, i am sure that everyone has cycles in their lives of some sort....just gotta find them.
tis for us all that Tool wrote that SCHISM cut............