Friday, July 27, 2001

Oh the tallahassee tropic air morning!

people up north have no idea of the clarity of tropic air! the only clear air, very very similar actually, is when the summer Candian cool fronts come down IF that air misses the Torondo-New London industrial complex on the way down to new york state! when the temperature goes to 90 degrees, in new york, the air is usually very "used"! the air is smogy and hazy and polluted as it has to come all the way north from the Gulf!
but here in North florida the air comes from the ocean, from the equator.....

remember those photos of the Islands in the Pacific, from National geographic?! the air is so clear and soft, the thunderheads off in the oceanal distance on the horizen? the air is like that here.

something tells me that the air of heaven is like this, AND i know why now why dull grey skies depress me! this is the color of the air in the Lower Worlds, the "hell" worlds! endless grey skies like as if you were a cockroach under an overturned aluminum frying pan: all grey without even a cloud to be seen and the temp is 38 degrees. cold damp and raw, in perpetual semi-fog!

hooray for the Model of tropic skies!