Tuesday, July 10, 2001

the lady behind Barnes and Noble coffee shop counter is going to the FSU Florence program next year.
[read: University-sponsered school-program to the Heart of the Classical Roman-Rennasaunce Italian
area of Europe!]
I wonder what i would be like to stand upon a city square that has seen over Two Thousand years of history?! walk along a 2300 year old Roman Road?

I remember, myself, spending the day in Fredericksburg Maryland. the whole of downtown was flash-frozen into something like 1730-1760, as this 1750 booming city was Bypassed by Baltimore and all the growth was halted, thus freezing all of the buildings into that time period and nothing much was changed after that! Tis was a revelation on many levels, one of which amazed me!
my head felt like it was in a kind of vicegrip, i felt like i was walking through a kind of "psychic molassis"
as the very air was thick thick with Time!
"psychic field"!!
----definition: all people create a field of energy around them and it remains, in part, after they leave the place where they were. that place has then the "feel" of the person who put that energy there.
thus objects and rooms and places has this energy. this is what Psychics pick up upon when they hold in their hands a scarf of a lost kid and then she has images/feelings about this kid.
---sub definition: this field depends upon the number of people versus the time.
ie-----one person meditating in one room, once per day for 100 days, creates "100 units" of this energy: 100 people meditating in an auditorium for just one time, they will create near the same amount of energy as that one person did for the 100 days!

thus----old cites, because of the years of time X the number of people = the resultant Fredericksburg psychic field was very very strong, even if i was only about the lone person on the street!!
that air was THICK! as if my thoughts had to crowd themselves into a million other thoughts, thoughts and feelings that were created long long ago, and in part remain there as part of the place.
thoughts like crowded people on a subway car at rush hour!!

NOW you know why you cannot read very well a book in that public library!!! air is too too thick with other's vibes and thoughts!

so i wonder what it would be like for me to wander the streets of Florence or London?!
someone told me that they tear down 200 year old buildings in london, to make room for new buildings.
their building code considers a 200 year old building to be NEW! 200 years is the cutoff date: many of the old buildings go back to 1400 and before!

yes, walk the plains of rural India...walk the Hiking trails of old country England, 800 year old hedgerows.
more ghosts per square mile.....there. wonder what the FEELINGS of that trail would be like?!