Saturday, July 21, 2001

Interesting thing at the bookstore cafe this morning!

I told someone about something that happened in germany in 1930 and i used the words "SSS" to describe the storm troopers of Hitler. then someone in line corrected my statement, telling me that it is "SS"!
this is AUTISM at work. words do not mean anything: only images do! tis much much easier to say "SSS" than "SS"...try it! much much more poetically rythmatic, thus rythem triumphs over correctness.

but i get to eat the ice cream, though!!
i walked into Baskin robins one day and i waited for ten minutes for the couple ahead of me to order and they talked endlessly between them about the 50 odd names of ice cream on the
overhead menu board. they finally chose a name and they ordered it.
they ate a word!!
no matter if that ice cream was only the dregs at the bottom of an almost empty box and it melted and refroze about four times and all yuuch looking and stale: they would choose it as they choose the WORD over the ice cream as it is!!
as they talked and talked, i went over to the counter and looked into the boxes and i let the ice cream tell me what to order. i accepted the box that was just opened and about two servings had been served already, so that the cardboardly very-top had been served already...a fresh new box...
thus i had a bit of trouble ordering it as i had to point to it as i could not find the word for it, in my memory. pointing to it, got me some real ice cream.