Saturday, July 28, 2001

Interesting Dream last night. not so much there dream itself but the mechanics of it.

For years and years, now, I have at least every other dream where I go to Worlds! not "psychological" these dreams, but real events in real places. Not all of these "spirit" dreams are in the afterlife worlds!
many many of them seem to be on the "back side" of the physical world! what i mean by that is...One, there is the physical world that we live in. Two, there is an "astral" higher vibration of this world that is partly in the afterlife and partly here. Souls in heaven can come down to it and sort of see our world, but we cannot see them unless they lower their vibrations a bit more and then we would call these visitors a "ghost".
thus, i have been all over the world, experiencing places from the "backsides".

example: a number of years ago my Dream began where i was in a house somewhere up north, and the
living room was full of women, older women. I soon found out that this was a WICCA coven somewhere in rural Wisconson! One of the ladies there was being Inituated into some Wicca order or level of acheivement, there. I can recall little, except that all were happy and they had a ceremony and then they all went outdoors and danced around a circle with, i think, flowers.
another example was when i visited a house somewhere, where the interior looked a bit "polish-Serbian"! i listened to people talk, a family gathering of some sort, a reunion. they all went outdoors and one man was pointing out to his guest that the tennis courts in the birch woods next door
was part of a summer camp for workers of a Collective factory. I saw a newspaper windcaught in a fence and i tried to go over to read it but i found the print undeciperable as the writting was in CYRILIC!
One of the house owners pointed out to a guest, also, that the "outer road circle" was
" over there", and the hill that the road was on had it where the "Moscoow" city began there...

I even was in a building, once, where someone in the building threw tools at me, as i floated up the wall and through the ceiling, no doubt this person actuall could sort of see me and he thought that i was a ghost: not all ghosts are of the dead!!