Tuesday, July 10, 2001

I was reminded today about one of my old dreams from the 1970s. i was only beginning this Path of heavenVisions, i hardly knew what was really happening in these dreams!
In the dream, i was in an office of some sort, a counselor of some type; i was talking to a lady was appeared to be my "client". I entered this dream as if it had already begun long ago, hours ago---as IF i were tuning in on something that i am GOING to do some far far off day[ from 1978]!

she was describing her life in detail. in great detail! from the beginning to old age.
eventually she came to the old aged portion of her life: then she died.
her talk did NOT end!!
she went on to tell of what immediately happened to her after she died----she appeared in a city somewhere, a dimly lit foggy
depressing city of shades of only grey. as IF it were always 38 degrees far. with drizzle! the residents were grey too, but also were very angry and bitchy and mean/violent.
the city had a name.
she spelled it out. Dis. to me, it sounds like this lower heavenly city has been there for years and years---perhaps some other psychic/prophet or three has seen it in their own visions, over the hundreds of years that this Dis has been there!

then she told me of the much better heaven she went to next. then the University heaven land. then she told me of the "nursery" where one might be able to reincarnate back to earth: she was undecided if she wanted to or not!

yes, dreams....I musta have had a thousand of them that have delt with other realms and places, over the years.....