Sunday, July 29, 2001

I saw a "US news and World report" magizine today. the article that I found to be very interesting was about how "boys, not girls are the weaker sex and need much much more tender raising care"

yes i thought about that....
this here country does not really teach anything about "FEELINGS" and how to grow and cultivate them! too too often feelings just get trounced by mind!

a small example, here.....

I talked to someone on the bus who often was at a certain office building on Tennessee street. today, on this bus, she told me about "the church". " It was directly across the street from the Shelter, she said.
Old building" she said.

"funny", i said....."that Jerry's resturant has only been a church now for about four years, after
the resturant went out of business and they bought it"

"never been a resturant" the lady says.....

I countered..."but you said it was directly across the street from the Shelter and that ex-resturant building is 80 from that front door! Oh there IS another church about a block away, maybe 500 feet away and you can hardly see it from the street as it really is on another street and faces away from tennessee street".

"that's the one" she says!

just how, i wondered, could she not even notice that church building that was literally right in front of her nose while another church that she called "a church", was almost out of sight?!

EASY...I realized.
a converted resturant does not have the "feel" of a church!!
thus it is NOT a church, no matter if there is a sign in front of it six feet high saying so.

In this country, intellect really trounches feelings....who is right, about that church, me or her?!
in feeling tone, SHE is right and I am wrong!

thus "feelings" are not valued, in this western world as they MEAN nothing!
"mean" is a world of Mind, of Intellect.

one more example.
tis a cold raw damp day.
i go int a coofee shop and I order a hot drink.
i say to the server...."a NICE cup of hot hot tea please".
she brings to me a cup of lukewarm water with a tetly tea bag sitting next to it, and she apologizes that this is a coffee cafe and we do not have tea here. I get upset as I WANTED coffee but i ordered through the FEELING of what would restore my inner warmth from the cold raw day, outside.
"feelings" has absolutely nothing nothing to do with words at all!!
thus what is needed is to teach us in school how to feel....and to valdidate feelings: but unfortunately mind and feelings do not get along very well, in this age......