Wednesday, July 11, 2001

i liked that article about the Indian Shaman that i read about ten years ago, in some nameless book. this shaman told of how he was intiuated into his calling and it WAS a calling: he did not choose it---it chose him!

he, like many other shamans in many other times and places, had to learn how to "have a foot in both worlds"....the physical and the Spiritual. [ the spirit world of his ancestors]

He said, the phrase that sticks with me....."you have to die before you can live"!

yes, from my near-death-type Dreamvisions of the afterlifeworlds, i can actually LIVE the better HERE in THIS world! yes, i do not pine not being in the heaven worlds: i know they will be there for me some day, just like i know that there is a cabin awaiting for me in that Mountain Land, when i die to here on earth.
yes, i can look and live in this earthly life as a real kind of "prep", a preparation for heaven.

the Puritans sorta got it right when they said the life is prep for heaven: the only Mistake that they made is that they said "NO" far far too much!
life is to say "YES"!!

one's soul is like a painting; the more colors there are in the painting, the richer the result looks to be.
each soul-color is a life experience.

I would want 324 colors, in "art 101" in the High School of earthly life!! too too many people have only 24 or so colors that they feel are availible to them. ugh! THIS is what freedom and the "unlimited Possibilities" of this modern age; this is what i feel Spirit gave them to us for--------

so live your incredible life: evey ticket that you "buy"[a life experience], is a ticket that will admit you to a heavenly temple of some sort after you die...temple of art, music, healing, Mothering...etc...etc.....