Monday, July 23, 2001

I have made a major life-discovery! a combination of looking at three generations of family member's lives and my own: I see that my life runs in 19 year cycles. what ever has occured, in one of these 19 year cycles, will repeat again, in the next 19 year cycle.
---there are three of these 19 years, in my 60 years that i have lived. [19 x 3 = 57].
sometimes there is a "miss" in one of them, something, say, in the first, may skip the second but appear in the third.

several examples:
-----late winter of when i was 4. 1945. polo. i can recall my mother taking me to the Therapy building once per week where doctors would look at my legs.
19 years later..late winter 1965. us air force hospital for two weeks: chemical pnumonia.
19 years later 1984...bad bronchitis from roadside spray, in may!
the next 19 years. 1993, but in the late fall: empyma of the lungs, i nearly died!

-----another example.
I went to Canada family vacation summer of 1950.
19 year later summer of 69, i drove for the first time to Toronto around the same bridge as in 1950
did not repeat in 1988!
-----one more.
sister was born fall of 1943.
early 1962, she appeared at my college, i was not overjoyed at the Prospect of shepareding my younger sister around!!
summer of 1981, i went to live with her in the Carolina mountains at her wonderfull mountain house.
summer of 2000, 14 years after her death, just HOW could there be a "sister' then?!
I found that she had abandoned property in Carolina and i spent months getting it processed!
yes that cycle really repeated, my sister!
------i could give here 20 more examples: nearly everything in my life repeats

and here is the kicker , the One That Scares Me!
----on july 1 of 1963, i got really really sick with food poisoning. lasted two weeks.
then in the fall, i attended a forest ranger school in lake City, fla., as my college had collapsed in the spring of that year:failed miserably! on october 25th, ranger school burned to the ground!! all i had left was my car and the clothes on my back! i drove back to mama at 22 years of age
a kid again owning nothing. i immediately joined the Air Force but there was a three month waiting period and then i went to TEXAS for four months for basic training.
19 year later?? i was lving at that mountain house with sister and she had her career collapse and she had to sell her hose at an auction: we drove off at night leaving stuff in the house, oct 16th...then to "plan B"...nov. TEXAS for four months!
-----so now, THIS year it is the 19 year cycle again and on july 1st i coughed up blood!!
i tore my trachia somehow in running out of the rain and i coughed up several tablespoons of blood every few two weeks or more later and it is better now: another mysterious illness EXACTLY
on the same day....38 years later [no repeat in 1982].


i sit here like a chicken in the field with that hawk circling overhead....WILL i "become a refugee with the clothes on my back" on about end of october then go to Texas for four months AGAIN?!
some cycles has it delayed for from early october to about the summer of 2002, I could become that refugee! as in dreams "texas" represents "heaven".....this gives to me that EDGE of wonderings....yet another omenious intent that my Time on earth is near up with!