Monday, July 16, 2001

I got to thinking about that dream i had on June 8th...yesterday.
On June 8th, i dreamed that i was standing on the porch of the Interlaken Nursing Home and looked towards my old high school. it looked the same except that there were now four or five more floors added onto it! up where the sun is supposed to be, there was a clockface that read "1:20".
I told myself, in the dream, "the Time is Now 1:20".
[old folks home = end of my life.
school with new higher floors = floors that exist in Spirit, in heaven, after i die.]

On december 5th of last year, i had a dream with that number in it, exactly 180 days from June 8th.
when such a pattern[180days] occurs, to me, that is suspicious of A Meaningfull Connection!

I seem to be "blessed' with the gift of dreaming ahead of time, months ahead of time, major scenes in places that i WILL see, especially after i have been given an assignment to go four months before the US Air Force sent me to japan, I dreamed of a dozen scenes that i later saw.
I went to Japan on december 5th of 1965. 35 years ago, from the december 5th dream of 2000.

so on my december 5th dream of 2000, i dreamed that i entered heaven just after i died! dream
showed to me The Very First scenes that i WILL see, when i arrive there. yes the mountain land.
i will not go into what i saw, to save space, but that there was a signboard there by the Gate.
on one side was my name and the other side of the board had two numbers on it.
120 and 420.
well, i can see that 12 X 3.5 = 42 "3.5" as in "35".
on december 1965, i went to japan, 35 years ago.

---so what all this comes down to, is that 1:20 is the Time in heaven, of my earthly death to come, this number is the YEAR of heavenly time, not earthly time.
JAPAN time!!
the grenwich calculations give it to be 13 hours difference....between east coast and Tokyo, in savings time differences.


as in....."2002" not 2020

oh these paragraphs seem SO simple, so unconvincing to any reader of the weblog: how could i believe just two dreams to mean this?!
aha...but only i know the inner connections and import and feelings, that give the import to the messege!!
just a couple of paragraphs, here, to YOU, perhaps....
but to me:i have received my Orders: I have been WARNED!!
to me, my "japan" orders are now on my desk.....

this will give, perhaps, my journal an extra EDGE of intent, of meaning, of Urgency!
six months? a year?----maybe 15 months left: i better use it wisely.