Friday, July 27, 2001

I got a small nasty surprise at a large supermarket chain the other day! I wanted a few cookies from their in-house bakery.
not "homemade" but closer than most commercial cookies. recently they had a new policy...only a dozen to buy at a time. I, even though i am single and do not eat many cookies...i could handle that.
however...yesterday i discovered that there is a new policy at their bakery. the minimum purchase of cookies is now 36 cookies!
that is three dozen and NO they will not break a package and if ya wanted more than that it would have to be 72 cookies!

excuse me!
where is the concern for the individual shopper here?
they put corporate ease and profit over customer!

reminds me of what a spirit guide said through a medium, concerning Angels and the heavenly realm that they live in.
he said...."in the realm of these angels, just what constitutes an angel's happiness, there? It is where an angel wants to make all of the other angels around her MORE happier than she is!" I wonder what this world would be like if this rule could be used here?

how so utterly unlike this world often is here! I wonder if this supermarket could apply even a bit of this rule, to its customers?!
once there was a saying: "the customer comes first".
betcha one major supermarket chain will soon go under, the workers will come to work one morning and then they find out that they have five minutes to clean out their lockers! Goodbye! A five minute warning of "layoff".
lawyers root through the garbage pile.....

for these [the executives of companies like this] will be the true Poor in heaven!! When they arrive there after their archtypical heart attacks, they will find that everything that they considered "real" has absolutely no value there! they will be like that child who has "arrested development". who is going to hold their hands and walk them through the basics of the Heavenly Way of Living, that way of living that will be for a l-o-o-o-n-g time?!