Tuesday, July 31, 2001

I am still amazed at Winn-Dixie supermarkets!
now i have to buy three dozen cookies at their bakery if i want just one or four of them! 36 cookies min!
reminds me of how Things Grow!
portions....people too, i guess the cosmic law is to inflate!
horses were once two feet tall and elephants too!
probably if the human race is still around in 10,000 years, we all will be nine foot tall!

just what about that other bakery, recently, where the small cookie was one foot across and the large cookie was about two feet in diameter...and NOT a "presentation cookie" either!

then there is those drink cups that you can take a bath in afterwards...

on a more serious note, i see that it is in our Nature to always seek the more...the MORE!
as if we all just Know that there is much more to Existance than a "mere" physicalness.

perhaps that magizine article about all the drug use in the small towns and the "epedemic" of "ecstasy", has much sense!
why, in these little towns there is not much to fill the urge to transcend, and the church, oh my God, hast Failed!
failed to deliver as it offers no direct experiences of the Spirit for many people. only "NO"! the last thing you are supposed to do in the Church is to use it to transcend, the authority will be challenged within the church.

many of the ancient temple mystery intiations, like of the Greek Elysion mysteries, gave the average person a Direct personal first person experience of the Divine, and or, or the afterlife, so that the initiated person would KNOW and not merely BELIEVE in Spirit
or the afterlife!
thus, in all counsciuosness, i must "support' all manner and means of drugs and drug taking, no matter what drug is inferred!!
not till something better to fill the urge to transcend comes along!

why these anti-drug people, why they do not ever ever ever ask the very first real question, the Question that is "ground zero" and unless they do ask it, everything that they try to do is a sham and a failure on all accounts!
that question?
"why do people want to use drugs".....or...."what is missing in their lives so that they feel that drugs are the way to go?"!