Monday, July 09, 2001

I am gonna have to write to myself notes during the day as i find SO many interesting things to blog about but then when i sit down----POOF, off they go!

well, my throat is much better now.....
tis something to always find that "I am a Sensitive"---in body, in mind, in psychicness...
humbling and "ego-deflating"

i hear it now....
the "redneck" at the next table, telling me "become strong"!
i reply------
"yes, take that sensitive film out of the camera and unroll it to the tropic noon florida sun!
tis strong strong film and thus it will take it: drive nails with it even by pounding nails with the cartridge!
strong film can take it"!

but the strength of sensitive film IS in its sensitivity! would ya take a photo of a scene with a slice of pizza in the camera?! or a post card of Yellowstone park, inserteded into the camera *as* film?!

so i celebrate being a sensitive.