Tuesday, July 03, 2001

here is a post that i made to the "discuss" section of blogger....the "media section"---
I was sitting in the Veteran's Clinic waiting room waiting and
waiting, a walk-in patient with lots of time to kill and i went
through all the old magizines.
I came across a recent copy of the "Yahoo internet Life"...[i am
not sure what the name is]
and i really was not that interested as a lot of the stuff is
"internet-self-promo"! but the lead article much more than made
up for it: the most interesting article in the whole waiting room by

the article was about how when the "dot-coms" collapsed and
the commercial interests in the internet were laid back, the "real'
internet became stronger. now the bandwidth
was freer of the commercial sites with the ads and the $$$
mentality, so that sites could flourish that connected people
together with shared information and talants.
this article used as the PRIME EXAMPLE, of a site that was of
the "real internet", a site that was of "people and information
and talants....www.blogger.com!!
they told how the blogger set up the site where anyone could
create a weblog without programming knowledge and there are
thousands of them now...