Monday, July 02, 2001

the day after my 60th birthday, friday, i ran across the mall parking lot to escape the oncoming rain and in tallahassee, if you do not run at the first sprinkle, you, in ten seconds, will not have to take a shower that night! only when i ran the 300 feet, i musta tore a blood vessel in my bronchial system, down in my lungs as i have brought up 1/5th of a cup of blood a day now for three it is better: i am going to the Vet Center Clinic today for them to look at it.
[Advice to all young aspiring plumbers, veternarians, doctors, other public service people: wanna
make your fortune and do good public service? just be open from 4PM friday until early monday!
my accident occurred at 4pm on friday: my plumbing would clog up regularly at 4 pm friday and the Landlord company could not get a plumber until Monday!]

----and more advice...take care of your Health, one takes it for granted! why my friend who saw me cough up some blood yesterday he realized that it was six months since he had his blood pressure checked...a Cancer Survivor of colon cancer about 6 years ago...

so today or tomorrow the Vet clinic will take a look...if they send me 100 miles to their hospital for tests, it may be awhile before i can update my log!
---and yet more lessons....why everyone can Run, why everyman is active: i take for granted my damaged lungs from those chemical events and the genetics: the vet people gave to me that Disability rating for a reason!
-------all part of that Larger Novel called,"accepting that at 60 one must be aware of the fragility of the body, older people are conservative often for a reason!! "the ole mare taint what she used to be" is that upstate ny saying.....