Friday, July 20, 2001

as i sit here looking back a bit on my writings and upon my Visions, i wondered a bit about how I really have never told anyone about them. some of them are so that any one of them is a story that
would take over an hour to tell, as the writup, itself, is only a rough scetch.
at first i thought that it is that this Age is not an age for a story-teller to live in! gotta bare your soul in ten seconds or less: who today has the attention span to sit and listen to a tale that goes on for an hour and you-do-not-say-one-word!
[my father was a Master story-teller. ten years after he died i lived back in my hometown and a man at the diner told me that He Rembered Dudley and those stories. why one memorible day Dudley talked for FOUR HOURS nonstop and no one said one word. finally he had to leave and after he left, in the quiet
someone spoke up and spoke up for all the group of men..."its TOO bad he had to go: i wanted to hear MORE"!!]

finally, i realized this was not it. tis NOT why no one wants to hear my tales of visiting heaven.
no, tis not so much a denial of death, perhaps...but this....

----that no one should yell "fire" in a 10 am full 8th grade classroom full of kids! if they do, the kids will run outside in "fire drill mode", and the class is disrupted for the lessons learned for today!!
so, we all are here to learn lessons and there is SO so so so much to learn, in the 2001 Accelerated Learning Ciricculums: so much to learn that "multitasking" IS the way to go!
thus, an 8th grader would not have to know much about what lies ahead in the Senior College Year, does he?! only distract him from The Lessons At Hand.

like gravity, it exist whether we believe in it or not, same with the afterlife!