Thursday, July 05, 2001

another wonderfull morning, i get up early about 7 am and walk down to the bus; after coffee, i walk a mile to the Library where i am now.

People up north do not realize how clear and soft tropical air is! everything is green and lush, the air is soft and warm, very clear air, the birds chirp excitiedly....Tallahassee has tropical air four months or more of the year.

when my friend would visit his parents for a few days in the retirement community in central Florida, about a hundred miles away from tallahassee, he would get up early too, and take a walk down the 7 am street.
One day he did this, in the summer, with similar weather conditions, and he would see the other residents often out walking too.
He met one of these other retirees one day, on a morning walk, and this guy more or less told him the secret of these early morning walks out into this lovely morning with the sunrise clouds SO colorfull
and the air sl clear and the plants so so green----

he says,"that we all give the lord Thanks for yet another day upon the earth, a day for us to learn our lessons and to grow in Understanding, as we here in the Retiree Development do not have many of these here mornings left, before we all die!"

yes....another day of grace, to enjoy Living in, and to prepare to Die, in!!