Tuesday, June 19, 2001

when did it hit me that There Are Really Different Ways of Experiencing the World?!

somewhere in the 1970s
i went to an upstate ny spiritualist camp..."Freeville". i wanted to attend the evening service where a visiting medium would give a lecture and then give readings for some of the audience.

She greeted everyone and said "hello to the 80 people".
there were only about 30 or less in the pews!!
she then restated her greeting, extending it to all the people that she could see, the decased mothers and fathers and relatives that came down from Spirit to be with their relatives in that chapel that night.

then she jabbed with her elbow and said..."not yet....back off from me"
as she gave her lecture, she was bumped and pushed all about the stage and podium and she finally told everyone in the pews that this stage that she stood upon was crowded to the max with over a hundred people even if I could only see just her. the spirits were so so enthused about trying to speak through her that they near pushed her off of the stage!!

oh boy!
that was my very first real intense realization that there are people who live by REALLY REALLY different rules-of-life than for most people!
just HOW does this medium lady get through Wal-mart and the Mall?
does she remain reclusive?
she was the minister of her own spiritualist church, but golley, if there were always 100 people around and about you that only you could see and they could touch you...oh my! yes there are very very different people out there...