Wednesday, June 20, 2001

That letter from the chairlady of the class of 1960 got to me a bit. 40 year reunion of three years of classes, each class had about 30 kids.....around 1960.

a very very small town in upstate ny. but most of the kids were 1959 Talented and most go off to college and earn $40,000+ a year.

they wanted a BIO of my life: just WHAT could I tell them? What would they understand?
my 100+ Visions of the afterlife?
I tried to send them something....

funny, here in my web log. One might suppose that, as my 60th birthday is next week and i have been burned in the heaven-fire, that I have four american flags in my bedroom and listen to Conservative talk shows on the radio and thump my Bible regularly at everyone i meet, shaking my finger in the air..."repent, the end is near, become a PURITAN...NOW"!!

I listen to Modern Rock, on the radio...metallica and many well as rock and roll. my acid days on the commune gave to me Trips that would freak out most psychologists, if they heard my telling about them! I play rpg computer games and had a playstation once where final fantasy 6 7 and 8 were played.
Doom and Quake and rpgs on the computer. most of my friends younger than me treat the internet computer like they would a VIPER!!
If i had to continue this small "bio"...and they ask me about..."since you have had, mr Wilson, over 100 experiences of heaven and then they tell you in the last series of these experiences that you have only a year or two to live....dont you want to join a monestary and Purify?!"
"NO"...i would reply!

my life feelings are...the more tickets that you validate here, the more these tickets will admit one to the temples of Art and Poetry and healing and Wisdom, there, in heaven!
the more high school ELECTIVE courses you take now...the more ahead you will be when you go to College!!
---thus one should live to the max and be creative and DO IT! whatever it the dance of life and leave "dry creek" kansas and go off to san fran and Jump into life!

just wanted the "readers" of this weblog to sense that i am not a dried up old foggy, at 60, Being Told by spirit that i will Move Soon!!