Tuesday, June 12, 2001

well well well.....
i posted this article to
---this is a list about "earthchanges"...politics and spirit both!
so i also put it here!

hello everyone.

Yes, i feel that i should put my $5.00 worth of ideas as to what the REAL Conspiracy is! this refers to the "government Conspiracy, the New World order, and all Conspiracies that you all have heard of!!

----for i feel that i Know what the Real One is......

But first i gotta build you a barn before i give to you the weather vane to put atop it!

a story.....
Once upon a time there was a man with a vegetable garden. one day he noticed that all the plants looked sick. the corn was wilted and the tomatoes looked yellow and there was mold on the beans! He Consulted Experts and he sprayed for mold and gave treatment for the yellow tomato leaves. the tomato leaves turned a bit green but now there were aphids on them! more spray... aphids are gone but now there is a brown wilt!!
one day Some garden master Told Him What To Do!
seems there was a ZINC DEFICIENTCY in the soil that weakened the plants so that they "caught' every single disease and condition that is naturally in the garden's surroundings!! THAT was the real problem...one could treat the plants for specific conditions all month long; but the real problem would still be untouched!

here is the real conspiracy!!

The physical, material, world-----is all there is to life and existence!
that is it folks! that is the "lack of zinc in the soil" that drives ALL the other conspiracies , cabals,
good ole boy networks, and New Orders! any solution to any of the smaller "problems" is like picking leaves one by one, one leaf per week, off of a ten acre patch of KUDZU VINE!! the Root is still untouched.

so what derives from this philosophy?
three "unholy" triumphriate-acal things....
ONE---there is no other dimensions beyond the physical world. Death IS the End!
TWO---there is no "spirit" or God present IN that other level[s] of existence....thus there is no one "home", there, that one can pray to! there are no laws or "spiritual rules" there either! this makes one's MIND the highest of them all, here on earth. thus there is no such thing as a "spiritual karma" OR "SPIRITUAL LAWS" that will punish you for any actions while still living on earth! your Diseases, you house flooding, your marriage breakup...are all "accidental" and not Caused by "spirit"!
THREE---there is thus NO intercourse between this "spirit" and the physical world, thus there is nothing that influences lives, here on earth, from any "spiritual dimension"!! No help is to be given, no punishment for acts, no feeling of being a part of Something greater than yourself.

And the Result of this?
If one holds to this philosophy, several results occur!
----the "toys that you own", the status and power
of your social position....COUNT FOR ALL!!
Thus only WEAK people are at the bottom and they NEED the Direction of the Elite that stand above them!
--there is no afterlife, so that any "immortality" must come from your Name in History. Power. rule. conquer.
---there is no "Spirit" that links everyone into a Spirit "oneness". [I am the Vine and Ye are the Branches Thereof"]. thus all weaker people below you are to be USED and manipulated by you...why not?!
---there is, of course, no "accountability" for your actions, either in this world, if you pay everyone off; or in some "next world, after death: being "punished" for these actions that you did while on earth.... or even being punished in THIS worldly life, due to the Actions of "spirit", or spiritual laws of Karma, upon those so-called "sins" that you do while still living!!

In short----the ego self is the highest of them all and you can get away with ANYTHING if you are powerful enough! Too...social bonding with other powerful people, in a mutual power reinforcement, "I stroke your back: you stroke mine"...forms ALL these power-groups, whether in government or in business or in social circles!

the Root exposed!
probably 60% to 80% of the people that you know, are
belonging to this Stand!
---and they Do Like Like to be told otherwise, for OBVIOUS reasons! Most spiritual reformers get killed, laughed at, or ignored----scorned, at least: from Jesus
on down........

there. That is the One true Conspiracy, folks!
If there is an "enemy"...this is the ONE! all other so called "conspiracies" are just leaves on the Kudzu vine: pull off one and another will immediately grow in its place. why not? if what you own counts for all and the power you wield over others Counts----what is the problem?? you SHOULD go Out Now and get Going to be sure that the gravy bowel is next to YOUR dinner table seat!! Sign up Today, in the Great Cabal!!
---and your "pulling down" of all the other "cabals" is only to make Room for YOUR life-tree to grow tall, in the new-made clearing, in the Forest!
as i see it: the ONLY True solution is to accept Spirit into your heart and life, and Live being Spirit-centered, and Know that there is life eternal, after death.....