Saturday, June 16, 2001

well, McVeigh is now dead, the newspapers Go On To Other news.
He is not dead, of course!
soon, but maybe a few days or a week or months from now, he will awake into the Reception area of a healing center of some sort, in heaven.

I wonder if i have to come, in my spirit-body, and "hold his hand", to help him adjust?!

Oh reader of this, surely you would think and feel that my chances of this is ZERO!
I Know Better!
probably at least 90% that i WILL!

---after all, i went, in spirit body and confronted KORESH while the Troops were all around the
Dravidian compound, i really really sat with him, there! and told him that "this has got to stop"!
[see my writeup of this dream in my freestonefiles--link on left]
THEN, weeks after the fire, i went in spirit to a building that was dedicated to healing the members of that Commune who died in the fire! several of them showed me around the complex and told me of their progress there in the first stage of heaven. No, i did not see or talk to Koresh there.

So i may indeed get to see Mcveigh...if not before i die, then AFTER!!