Friday, June 15, 2001

"weather" has been a mystery for me all of my life! rain, snow....whatever.
I majored in it in college in the i am 60 years old: but am sitting today in the same university library!!

biggest mystery for me about waether is.....
I have long suspected that the weather a place gets is not accidental!
i do NOT mean that man's Presence affects the climate, like of global warming!

what i mean is....
that there is a link between the weather of a place and the collective spiritual health of the people who live there. thus, a collective attitude witll cause the weather to reflect this!

someone said that at a JANE ROBERTS meeting [SETH SPEAKS] ---that the collective souls of the city
of Elmira caused that great 1972 flood, to try to do physiclly a symbolic try to CLEANSE the city of the "dirt" of the vibes of a long long standing economic depression!!