Sunday, June 24, 2001

tis a nice sunday

been half an hour already at the computer even before i log onto blogger. seems that my cd rom had a small problem and i needed some tech advice. then i needed to check the warreentee on it. then i needed to use the phone to call the city police to report a downed tree limb that i saw on the way here to the library computer.
---a lesson from this: I read somewhere, from a channeled source, that "90% of all our daily activities is
in maintaining the body and the possessions around it"!
yes i can see that!
ever put away ten bags of groceries?! put and place and cut up and divey into bags and jars and boxes...
[no wonder many alone singles eat out!!]

seems i recall the "puguetian" theory of childhood: that any child should go through all of the seven stages of childgrowth or else the adult character could be stunted for lack of that level being grown.
same kid should skip a grade in school, just like a CEO top excecutive, in a large company, ideally should have worked up from the bottom of the company, like of stock clerk or paperboy, and rise up through all the company levels before becoming president.

another Spirit guide said that "living in the material world is in learning STEWARDSHIP of matter, how to manipulate matter in all of its forms and shapes" gotta do 'grade one" before entering heaven where "matter manipulation" is in manipulating mental images that ALSO are outside! [one's mental image can be put onto the table for all to see!!]

so...gotta get the matter manipulation down pat first!

THIS is why i am really in favor of the material world and i see why it is of the utter importance to love and embrace this "stewardship of matter", here, while alive, as being alive, here, is "prep" for heaven!