Friday, June 15, 2001

this is a write-up of a vision dream that i wrote up to send to my site, where my files of visions and articles are stored. tis THIS sorta thing, this visiondream, that i began this blog-log FOR!!

well, well well, hello everyone who reads this! I am dealing with a very very unusual "clairvoyance"!
a clairvoyant dream.......

I have a history of a certain type of clairvoyant dream, in my 40 years of adult life. Seems that a number of months before i am to move to somewhere that is very very signifigant, or of some major turning point, in my life, i will have a dream that will detail to me some of the scenes and experiences that i WILL see and live out!! a photo-snapshot of THIS house or THAT tree, the house or tree that i WILL see, in a number of months from the dreaming time!
One such dream gave to me pictures of scenes that were 15 years from the dreamtime, places that i never never ever thought that i would have chosen to move to, at the time of the clairvoyant dream.

EVERY major life change.....
I should have known....seeing i have had experienced many many out of body visions of going to heaven to see places there...[some of which i have written up on www.egroups/group/freestonefiles, in the file section!]

I only a couple of weeks ago, came across this detailed vision-dream that i had on the 4th of December of 2000: and i had completely completely forgot about it[I can see why!!].
for this vision is a precognitive clairvoyant, preview of some of the things that i WILL experience when i die and arrive in heaven!!
of course: a major life change!

this dream begins just AS i am entering this Land, awalking along a road, either alone or with a Guide, a welcoming Guide, i think, now. there were welcomings and meetings with friends and some others...
I was told that my sister had a house here, but she has since Gone onwards to a higher heaven and does not live here anymore. [she died in 1986, years ago, 15 years ago!]. someone else lives in her house now, i was told.
this guide then tells me that there is a cabin awaiting me near the entrance from earth, the beginning point there. Someone left this cabin to go onwards, recently, like of my sister. the guide told me this is the Custom give one's house to another heavenly newbie, as one passes onwards to a higher level heaven. that I, in turn, will leave this cabin to yet another new person when it is time for me to progress!
I say "cabin' as this land is the land of the Appalachian mountain people's heaven, where they Go, many of them, after they die. my sister lived there for a number of years in the early 1980s.
[see my visions site for accounts of other visit i had, to this mountain land!].
Near the entrance to this land and especially near my cabin-to-be, was a namesign. my name was on it.
"Freestone", as that is my real first name.
there was yet another small sign by it with two numbers plainly readable
120 420

? ? ?

now this dream WAS on the 4th of december of 2000.
4 day... 12th month ....20 [ 2000 ].
that is the 120 420.
i noted that if these numbers were 12 and 42, dropping the zeros, 42 is 3.5 times the size of 12.
[12x 3.5 = 42]
what did i do on another 4th of dec of a year??
35 years before 2000, in 1965, i was sent to live in JAPAN by the Air Force! there was a very profound clairvoyant dream associated with THAT move, a few months before I went. this 1965 vision made it very very clear to me that the symbol of Japan was heaven itself!! [crossing the Big Sea to the West!]
so on dec 4 of 1965 I got on board a plane and went there.
I finally figured out what the numbers mean. this is the YEAR that i am arriving in heaven in "heaven time"!
that is..."Japan time"...Tokyo Time, 9 hours plus from Greenwich. 4 hours from central new york where i was born, Savings time. [13 hours between new york and tokyo] since that heaven sign was in the "daylight", the earthly time is 00.20. 20 minutes after midnight.
that is....[20]02! that 420 munber is a reference number of my "who i would consider as my GURU, if i had a guru"!! Sathya Sai baba.
he SAYS, in a article, from a speech he gave on his birthday in nov 23 of 1974...."that he was going to live 47 more years and die a few months into 2022".
In japan time the 420 becomes, if time changed to the place of my birth...2:20 in the morning.
that is...."22" as in 2022! just like mine is
where mine is "02" as in 2002.
One's life is supposed to be referenced to His Guru...
while i am NOT a devotee of baba, he has appeared in many of my dreams...thus the reference: He will be With me, in heaven too!! this so, as the sign had his death number besides mine!
no wonder i stonewalled the dream, immediately after writing it down...

-----reminds me of a may of 1999 dream where my mother came down from heaven to give to me a very important seeming message...a string of numbers!!
[oh I, so terrible at math...have to confront digits!!]
3 39 99 ---there were three numbers only.
vision was in 1999...that is one.
as of september of 1999, i would have lived in tallahassee, for 39 years, on and off...where i did MOST of my adult creative life!
39 years in sept 1999.
thus....folks...three more years would put it to 2002.
yes, my Mother of 25 years deceased, comes from heaven To Give To me News, a Message.

there. I, while submitting that
---Spirit can change that date at any time.
---I could be interpreting it in error.
---could be "symbolic" only!
I had better get ready!!